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Alfa Laval (Ashbrook)

Alfa Laval AS-H Coplastix ® custom built slide and weir gates are especially designed for control of waste, potable, and storm water. The lighter gate provides easier manual operation and requires less horsepower when using actuators. Frame mounting options include wall, channel, or flange mount and are available in configurations anywhere from 8” x 8” up to 144” x 144”.

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Continental’s centrifugal multi-stage blowers are used in municipal wastewater treatment plants to provide air for fine or coarse bubble aeration, digester gas recovery, lagoon or grit chamber aeration, and filter backwash systems.

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GrindHog comminutors are designed to grind, shred, and screen solids found in wastewater collection systems. GrindHog makes flange mounted, vertical discharge, and horizontal flow comminutors capable of handling flows up to 20 MGD and provides retrofit kits for many competitors’ models. GrindHog cutters are high quality tool steel with reversible cutting bars for extended life.

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Hydro-Dyne Engineering

Hydro-Dyne Engineering provides a full line of exceptional quality water and wastewater screens, (center/dual flow, through flow, multi-rake, and stepper), screenings handling, and grit removal equipment – all engineered to best fit the need of specific applications. Hydro-Dyne is one of the only manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry that owns it own patents and performs all equipment design, fabrication, and assembly in house. We have complete control of our products from start to finish and continuously improve and advance technologies through innovation and product testing.

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The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® components are designed as a system to optimize each piece of equipment to consistently produce long-term, high performance grit removal with unmatched reliability , and low operation and maintenance costs. The WEMCO® Hydrogritter® system removes and dewaters grit from primary sludge or influent protecting downstream equipment from grit damage and minimizing downtime and grit removal expense.