Gorman-Rupp’s extensive line of pump products include self-priming centrifugal pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, priming assisted pumps, and rotary gear pumps.  In addition, Gorman-Rupp manufactures a complete line of state-of-the-art packaged lift stations and booster stations that include pumps, motors, controls, piping, accessories, and enclosures.


National Pump

National Pump is a leading solutions provider of highly efficient vertical and submersible turbine pumps to the municipal potable water market with 6” to 30” hydraulics, flows up to 25,000 GPM, heads up to 2,000 feet, and motors up to 2,000 HP. 

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Patterson Pump Company leads America as one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of: split case pumps; axial and mixed flow pumps; vertical turbine pumps; end suction pumps; vertical in-line pumps; solids handling pumps; and, engineered packaged systems. The complete line of wastewater pumps includes Type “F” sewage, Forceline NCS, Vertical Turbine, and Axial and Mixed flow models with standard capacities ranging from 150 GPM to 500,000 GPM.  Pumps for clean water applications include horizontal split case, two-state DMD, end suction, vertical in-line, vertical turbine, and axial and mixed flow pumps with capacities up to 500,000 GPM and heads up to 1,150 feet.

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MuniPAC (Flo-PAK)

Patterson Muni-Pac Place and Connect pumping stations are engineered to provide municipalities a powerhouse of efficiency in water applications involving booster stations, raw water intakes, and the filling of elevated tanks. They provide a single point of contact for service and warranty claims and can be furnished in various configurations including a factory assembled building to meet precise space requirements and can be supplied for aboveground as well as belowground installations.  The systems designs accommodate flows from 100 GPM to over 19,000 GPM and pressures exceeding 300 PSI.



Wemco ® Torque-Flow® recessed impeller pumps are designed to perform the toughest reit-handiling duties and are available in 1” to 10” sizes with flow capacities up to 4,500 GPM at heads up to 230 feet. The Screw-Flow pump is a screw centrifugal pump equipped with a classic single vane screw impeller to provide clog-resistant pumping for trouble free movement of solids and fibrous and stringy materials in sizes ranging from 3” to 10 “, 150 GPM to 10,000 GPM and pressures from 6 feet to 270 feet. Additionally Wemco provides a Prerotation basin to be used with their pumps to provide a self-cleaning wet well with flow matching capabilities.



Zoeller Engineered Products provides commercial and heavy duty solids handling submersible pumps with both non-explosion and explosion-proof motors and 3”, 4”, 6” flanged discharges and up to 75 HP motors. They also provide a wide range of single direction, reversible, and progressing cavity grinders pumps in sizes ranging up to 7.5 HP that can be provided individually or in prepackaged lift stations with controls.

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AMT is a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company offering over 1,000 different standard model pumps of which over 400 are readily available and offered as QSP (Quick Ship Products). Virtually every product AMT sells is engineered and designed by the company. Pump components are machined, assembled, and tested a the Royersford, Pennsylvania facility.